Disciples 2 Dungeon


he capital is the most important building of the game. If you lose it you lose the game. It is well guarded by the most powerful creature in the game: the capital guard. The capital is not just a city, it provides you with resources (100 gold and 25 mana each turn) and the garrison gets an armor bonus of 50.
Empire Capital
Level 2 City
Cities are strategic points on the map. Leaders and their units placed in a city will regenerate themselves and the walls will give them protection versus spells and intruders. Cities can be upgraded for the right price, this way regeneration will go faster and the protection be better.

While travelling around the map you'll encounter merchants who sell their wares for a decent price. Of course you can also sell the items you found or offered in quests. These places are true goldmines!

Mage Tower

Powerful mages who live in mage towers offer you to take a look in their magical library. You even get the chance to learn some magical spells! For the right amount of gold pieces of course.

Mercenary Camp

Local soldiers offer their qualities in mercenary
around the map. For the right price you can
even let orcs fight for your cause.
Training Colluseum

The rich lords are able to train their men without a fight in the training camp. This way your units are in top form before they go into battle.

Abandoned places become ruins where dark creatures lurk. Attacking these ruins give you a nice amount of gold and sometimes an item. You'll find the most powerful weapons here if you're lucky.
Abadonned Tower