Hello hello adventurers, mighty warriors, fancy wizards and the like! Welcome to the island of Amia. I am Drugo Weezlypot, a local wizard and writer of this guide. While I studied in the art of conjuration I also have a few hobbies like writing maps, studying the local wildlife and drinking thea.

I'm glad you found my guide as you are needed on the island. The local population is dwindling and we can use any help we can get.


Almost all races are represented on the island. The humans live in the cities of Cordor, Warftown and Kohlingen. The Elves are settled in the woods up north called Winya Ravana. Goblins, hobgoblins and the like (the ones who can be reasoned with) roam the Bramble Woods. There are not many dwarves, they live on a different island called Barak Runedar. There are no drow, I'm glad they left the island. (They're a nasty bunch.)

Everyone is welcome in the city of Cordor.


Although I pray to Mystra, the Mother of All Magics, each day there are a lot of deities worshipped on the island. There's a chapel of Lathander in Cordor. Chauntea is worshipped in the farmlands. In Warftown they have a chapel of Selune. In Kohlingen they have build a large temple for Tyr, Ilmater and Torm. And so on.

Blessings are given each day. Especially to ones that spread the faith.

Portal Wand Sketch
Every adventurer gets a free portal wand when docking in Cordor. This to make travelling much easier on the island. Bind yourself to a Leyline Node, wave with the wand and it will send you to the dedicated destination. Be sure to do it in a quiet spot though as it might take some concentration to do so.

Before you leave the city pack yourself up with some decent equipment. Monsters roam the country side and they attack anyone on sight! Hil'rash in the Golden Lady's Tradehall sells some magical liquids that conceal. Tristana upstairs sells healing equipment and scrolls that raise the dead. (Did you knew any could read those? Pretty handy when a friend is in dire need.)

If you're not very strong (well.. like me) and carry a lot of junk around (*coughing* me again) you can choose to pick up a bag of holding. I know Boinar Borinsbane in Cordor sells them sometimes. Them dwarves know what's a handy tool!

Mythal Reagents
Mythal Reagent Sketch
One day you will find one of those Mythal Reagents. They are these purplish crystals. I have to admit they are pretty fancy looking. They are not for show though. The portal wand works on Mythal Reagents. Just plug one in and it's all filled up!

Mythal Reagents can also be used to enchant items. Just visit the local Mythal Forge. It's not an easy task though and you need some skills to do so. It is best to ask a wizard to help you out.


Amia Island Map Sketch

Medieval House Sketch
Cordor is the main city of the island. It's a potpourri of cultures. Many adventurers start their career here.

Lowland Swamps
This place is crawling with throglodites and other strange creatures. There is a portal here which leads to the city of Tarkuul. Tarkuul is a gloomy place which I prefer to avoid.

Warftown is a fishing village at the west coast. They are under constant threat by bandits and the like.

Bendir Dale
Bendir Dale is a halfling village in the center of the island. They are known for their excellent food products. Don't forget to taste one of those delicious sweetrolls when you make a pitstop here.

Crouching Lemur Monastery
The Crouching Lemur Monastery is a community of monks who prefer to live a quiet life in the Skull Crags.

Oakmist Vale
This is the home of the druids. Thanks to them the Amia Forest is free of monsters.

A village high in de mountains. They are known for their excellent lumberjacks.

A tradinghub runned by the half-orc Kampo.

Winya Ravana
Winya Ravana is the elven enclave of the island. Guests are always welcome in the outer sanctum.

Salandran Temple
A temple dedicated to the goddess of healing.

Kohlingen, known as 'the Holy City', is a safe haven for all those of good heart.


Travelling can be done by foot, cart, boat or portal. The roads from Cordor to Kohlingen (with a pitstop in Bendir Dale) are safe to travel by foot. The roads from Cordor to Warftown can be dangerous and is better travelled by cart or boat. The path to Guldorand is also not safe, goblins and trolls roam near these roads. It is better to take the cart if you want to visit that place.

There is also the ability to travel by portal using a gnomisch device placed in several of the cities. Slide the lences in a certain way and a new portal will appear.


Monsters are facinating (and dangerous)! I have been spying on them to study their behaviour. Just one incantation of invisibility and they don't know whats coming. (Well at least, most of the time.) Let me share you my information..

Goblin Sketch Rats
They are found in the sewers of Cordor. Some are larger than others and carry a nasty bite.

They are found in the hills and woods just north of Cordor. Not very dangerous on their own, they can be quite a nuisance when in greater numbers. They seem to be bold enough to attack the farmlands lately! It's good to know they also like to fight each other though.

Slakh Spiders
When heading west better stick to the roads because the area is overpopulated with spiders. They attack anyone who get near their den. They are seen with Ettercaps who are known to have spiders as their pets.

Throglodytes are reptilian humanoids who roam the swamplands in the west. Theyre a warlike race and hate man above all. Best not get caught by them!

Orc Sketch Orcs
Orcs are humanoid warlike creatures who roam the lands north and northwest of Cordor. On their own they can be easily fooled. Under the leadership of a chosen of Gruumsch they can be quite dangerous though. A stronger tribe called the Bloodmoon Orcs is found further west.

Undead are both found on the East Coast as in Darkhold (Amia Frontier). They are animated corpses feuled by dark magics.

Trolls are found east of Bendir Dale. They are not very smart, live in caves and like to hide under bridges. They are known for their ability to regenerate. If a limb is cut off it will grow back instantly! They despise fire.

The only way to get safely to Warftown is by cart. The roads are crawling with bandits and they attack any traveller on sight!

Skeleton Sketch The woodlands near Guldorand are invested by a worg population. It makes working in the woods almost impossibe. Worgs look like wolves only much larger and with glowing eyes. They hunt in packs and like to sneak up on their victims.

The northern part of the Amia Forest isn't called the valley of the arachnid for nothing. If you try and leave the path's you will be hunted by the local spider population. They can give you a nasty sting!

The Forest of Despair is inhabited by followers of Malar. Lycanthropes roam these woods. They used to be like us but are now cursed! They are very dangerous and can not be reasoned with anymore.

Mylocks roam the hills west of Bendir Dale. Thanks to the well protected border they can not spread to town. Mylocks are minotaur looking beasts clad in full plate armor. Their shamans like to blow things up with their fire magics.

Some people don't believe me but I have seen them with my own eyes. Giant whitely furred apes, high in the peaks of the Skull Crags! Good to know they prefer the colder climates. They will never leave their beloved peaks.

Beastmen, as the title inquires, are part beast part men. They have the strength of one and the intelligence of another. A very dangerous combination! They have a lair south of Kohlingen.


Although it is important for adventurers to keep the monster population in check other specialists are also needed. Farmers, lumbermen, metal workers, bakers, preachers, tailors and so on. There are trainers on the island who can help you continue your work.


And that's it for now! I hope you enjoyed my little guide to the island. And if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask around.