Unofficial Neverwinter Nights: Amia FAQ



Amia is a server for the PC game Neverwinter Nights. This FAQ will help starters to get familiar with the server. It will mostly cover the first server (Amia Island).

Note: This is an out of character (OOC) guide. If you prefer an in character (IC) guide check out: Drugo Weezlypot's Guide to Amia Island.


Amia is a roleplay (RP) server which means you have to be in character (IC) at all times. You react to other players as if your character is real. Is your character grumpy? Or bold? It's all part of the character creation process. DM's can reward you with Dream Coins if they see some good roleplaying going on. Dream Coins can be used to get money, items or special requests. Of course thats not what its all about, its about having fun.

The server is also action packed (like monsters killing and lvling up) so powergamers (people who like statistics) will also like the server. It's really easy to team up with others using the party advertiser tool and start with the action. The party advertiser tool is an item you get in the beginning of the game.


It is expected you give your character a 'realistic' fantasy name. Bram West will do. --/Thunderstrike/-- doesnt.


Choose a race which will fit your character best. All vanilla races are represented on the server.

There are also a few subraces. (Although it is only preferrable if you know something about the lore.) More about subraces can be found here: Amia Subraces.


It is recommended to start out with a good aligned character. There are more good aligned characters on the server so its easier to get help and form a group.


If you want to roleplay only (for example: a farmer) it is less important which class you choose. Just pick one which fits best.

If you want to join the action too you need a decent build though. Testing a build can be done offline with a module like: Pretty Good Character Creator.

An easy class to begin with is the wizard. The familiars and summons are greatly improved compared with the vanilla game. Once you hit lvl 3 you get the invisibility spell. This way you can stay invisible as much as possible and let your summons do the job.


Roleplay Skills:

Pick pocket
By choosing this skill you get the pick pocket tool which works a little different than the vanilla game. Its not very lucrative but fun to do. Best moment to pickpocket is when your teammembers are sleeping.

Action skills:

Craft Weapon and Craft Armor
These skills are used when crafting custom items. (This is done at a Mythal Forge with Mythal Reagents.) It is also used when changing the looks of your items.
Using the heal skill (with healing packs) is much safer than using healing potions because the enemies wont get attacks of opportunity.
Hide and Move silently
Very useful if you are a blaster caster or a flanker. You can go in hiding when enemies spawn to direct them to other party members / summons. Note: wearing armor heavier than leather will decrease these skills.
Very useful for front line heroes because some enemies try to knock you down. (For example: Spiders and Yeti's.)
This skill gives you better saving throws vs spells and is also used when crafting certain custom items.
Always take this skill. It gives you extra AC.
Use magic device
I havent found much use of this.

PvP Skills:

Could be useful in PvP and vs bosses.


Listen and Spot
Not very useful. The messages 'you spot enemies' or 'you heard enemies' are only flavor texts. You do spot hiding enemies though.
Animal Empathy
You need a lot of points in this for it to work correctly. (Get gloves of animal handling and the skill focus feat.) Dominated animals dont count as summons (which for example means you can have three animals as a druid!). Stronger solo animals can be found later in the game.
Money isnt much of an issue on the server. There's plenty of it.
Craft Trap
Put points in this if you're planning to set traps. Crafting traps is very cheap.
Open lock
There are locked doors and treasure chests on the server. Locks can also be opened by bashing it though.
Useless. You dont want to be a dexterity based tank.
There are no horses on this server.
Search and Disable tap
Becomes useful in later levels when epic traps come in play. (Most of the time teammembers tend to run through traps though.)
Set Trap
Use traps on spawn points. If you hunt in the area for a second time the enemies will spawn right in your traps. Note: Don't forget to change the traps into 'hurt enemies only' with the trap tool.


Action feats:

Extend spell.
Try to extend your buffs as much as possible. You don't want spells to run out in the middle of battle.
Cleave is a pretty good feat to have if you're in the front lines. (You need Power Attack for it though.)
Craft Wand.
There are many empty wands on the server. Enchanting is quite expensive though so stick to weaker spells like magic missle.
Rapid Shot.
Rapid Shot is a good feat to have if you're an archer. (You need Point Blank Shot for it though.)
Weapon Focus.
You always want that extra attack bonus. (There is no weapon focus for magic staffs though.)
Spell Focus.
Some spells on this server will be stronger when you have the spell focus feat(s). For more information check out: Modified Spells.

PvP feats:

A useless feat. Better run if you are attacked and dont want to PvP.


You can bind to a god by entering their name in the deity field or by praying at an idol in game (click on an idol for more information). This is especially important for clerics because they can't cast spells without it. They also get the ability to bless a whole group by praying on the go (press r and select pray).

Note: If you found the correct idol and pray at it you have to leave the game and relog before it takes effect.

Praying at an idol

More info about the deity system and its blessings can be found here: Amia Deity System.


- Armor Class (AC) is important for any character. Get it as high as you can.
- A weapon with high enchantment. This will boost both the attack strength as the damage of the weapon. (Elemental, positive or negative damage is less important.)
- A shield if you're in the front lines. You will be outnumbered by the monsters most of the time so you want that extra AC. (Note: Two-handed weapons can have more enchantments on them than one-handed weapons though.)
- Pack yourself up with a lot of healing kits. 40 will do.
- (If you have low strength:) A magic bag to put loot in.


Here's a list of important items in the game:

Alchemist Fire
Use this on your weapon for an extra 1d4 fire damage.
(The duration has been enhanced compared to vanilla!)
Book of Transmutation
You can change certain spell effects with this book. (This item pops up as loot and is not for sale.)
Flame Weapon Scroll (lvl 17)
Enchant a weapon with 1d8 fire damage.
Healer's Kit
Useful for healing in combat. (Doesnt cause attacks of opportunity like potions.)
Minor Portal Wand
Use this wand to teleport back to the city or any leyline node.
(You can only use it when no enemies are nearby.)
Mythal Reagent
Use these on your wand to refill it with charges, or use it on an item when youre near a mythal forge to enchant items.
Party Advertiser
Use this on yourself to add yourself to the 'Im looking for a group'-list. Use it on the ground to see if anyone is looking for a group.
Potion of Ghostly Visage
This potion is useful for a starting close combat character, making you able to absorb 5 damage from basic (+1 weapon) attacks.
Raise Dead Scroll
Almost everyone can use these to get a dead teammember back on its feet. (You dont need to be a cleric.) Note: If you're specialized in a school which doesnt allow conjuration spells you cant use raise dead scrolls.
Magic Bag
Get one or two if you have low strength. (Bionar Borinsbane in Cordor: East sells one each server reset.)
Bubbly Potion
This potion makes you immune to the effects of poison. (Bring ten if you're heading to the spiders in the Amian Forest.)


Did you know you can change the looks of your outfit? Just use the craft skill. Right click -> Special abilites -> Crafting skills. (If it doesn't work correctly, try in another area.) Using this skill generates a lot of lag though. So use it in area's where there are not a lot of other players.

It makes use of the Craft Armor or Craft Weapon feat. If you don't make the roll you'll lose a small amount of money.

Buying and selling

You get best prices when selling to someone of the same race as you. Know that some merchants have a cap though of how much they will pay you.

A lot of people sell their items to Hil'rash in the Golden Lady's Tradehall in Cordor. He has a high cap (and will also pay decent for high level items). It's always interesting to check his wares because you'll find all kind of items there.

Here's a list of some of the basic equipment and where to buy them:

Amulet +1Furth's Emporium (Cordor: East)
Amulet +2Bendir Dale
Amulet +3Brogdenstein (Amia B server)
Amulet +4Triune Towers (Tarkuul)
Khem: Nes'ek (Amia B server)
Cloak +1Furth's Emporium (Cordor: East)
Cloak +2Bendir Dale
Brogdenstein (Amia B server)
Cloak +3Triune Towers (Tarkuul)
Boots +1Dragon Claw Wares (Cordor: East)
Boots +2Skull Crags: Crouching Lemur Monastary
The Clockworks (Warftown)
Boots +4Cordor: Festival Grounds
Brogdenstein (Amia B server)
Weapons +1The Clockworks (Warftown)
Weapons +2Kohlingen: Tritemple District
Weapons +3Tarkuul: Court of the Undying
ArrowsWinya Ravana
Amia Forest: Oakmist Vale
Kohlingen: Tritemple District

Hint: If you can't equip an item (because you haven't reached a certain level yet) you can choose to downgrade this item (by removing certain properties). This can be done at a Mythal Forge. (You will need a Mythal Reagent for it though.)


You can also craft your own items. You will need a Mythal Reagent and need to be close to a Mythal Forge. Use your Mythal Reagent on one of your items. Crafting an item costs some money and you'll lose the Mythal Reagent in the process. More info about the effects of crafting with mythals can be found here: Mythal Crafting System

It makes use of the Craft Armor, Craft Weapon or Spellcraft feat. If the roll is succesful the item is created. If you dont make the roll nothing happends. (You don't lose the Mythal Reagent though so you can try again.)

Mythal Forges can be found in: Kohlingen, Tarkuul, Brogdenstein (Amia B), Fort Wiltun (Amia B), L'Obsul (Amia B).

A Mythal Forge


The map has been split in safe-, 'roads are safe'- and monster areas. Each area represents one in game screen.

If you're focussed on roleplay only be sure to stick with the safe and 'roads are safe'-areas. If you like to hunt check out the monster areas.


What are decent XP rates?

XP per killDifficulty
10Too Easy

What monsters to fight on what lvl?

3RatsCordor Sewers
4GoblinsAmia Frontier
5Slakh Spiders Cape Slakh
6OrcsAmia Frontier: North
7ThrogloditesLowland Swamps
8UndeadDarkhold (Amia Frontier: East)
9TrollsSkull Crags Foothills
9Bandits Bitter Coast
10Blood Moon OrcsBlood Moon Pass
12OutlawsGulf of Lumorier
13SpidersNexus Hills: Valley of the Arachnid
14BeetlesSkull Crags
15MaralitesForest of Despair
15MylocksMylock Hills
15YetiSkull Crags: Upper Mountains
16PoltergeistElectric Castle (Forest of Despair: North East)
17Bugbears & Forge SpiritsGlinulan's Hold (Guldorand)
17ConstructsGolag Mur (Skull Crags: Upper Mountains)
18BeastmenNexus Hills
22Yuan-tiQuagmire: Temple of Sseth

Of course when you team up with others you can take on more difficult monsters.


You can rest to regain health points and spells. Once you're done resting it will take a while before you can do it again.

If you rest near a monster spawn point there is a chance the rest gets interrupted. When this happends new monsters will spawn and you have to defend yourself.

If you're playing in a group it is recommended to announce before you rest. This way your teammembers are prepared for any monsters to spawn.


Spare a coin, friend?BeggarCordor: CentralGive or take gold50, 10 or 100 XP
Courier for A DayPickeringCordor: EastRun deliveries100 GP and 250 XP
Life of a Sewer CleanerMalcerCordor: Sewer TunnelsKill Small Ochre JellyGrime Encrusted Band
A Farmer's FavorGilbertCordor: NorthKill Goblin LeaderGoblin's Amulet
Children of WebsEnrickCordor: West CoastDestroy Egg Sacks or Feed Hatchlings250 GP
Maw of MadnessCalad VarnorAmia Frontier: Barrow LakeKill Thirurmorn1000 GP and 1000 XP
Chosen Orc's HeadPhillipiCordor: EastKill Chosen of Gruumsh2500 GP and Raise Dead scroll
Thieving Throgs!Frustrated GuardCordor: NorthGive Silver Necklace500 GP, 1500 XP and Shroud of the Lizard
Mishnaeglen's GopherMishnaeglenCordor: NorthGive Eldath's Tears500 GP and 750 XP
We Can Troll If You Want To!Skit GwilBendir DaleKill Troll Leader1000 GP and 1000 XP
Timber TerrorBennaldSkull Crags: GuldorandKill Orcwort6000 GP
Of Gnomes and GolemsRerigribus von NaptemGuldorandGive Plan for a Golem500 GP and 500 XP

(Im not sure if these are all the quests on Amia A. If you know of any more let me know.)


There is a job system on Amia where your character can have a job. Just find the right instructor and have him train you. You will get a Job Log item to keep track which jobs you have. Having a job is mainly for fun and for RP reasons.

More info about jobs can be found here: Amia Job System.

Here's a list of job trainers and where to find them:

Job trainerLocation
AlchemistTriune Towers (Tarkuul)
Hut (Amia Forest)
Alchemy MerchantKampo's Trading Post (B.H.: Silent Bay)
AnatomistTower of the Forsaken (Tarkuul)
ArcanistTriune Towers (Tarkuul)
ArcherNexus Hills: The Falls
ArmoursmithThe Clockworks (Warftown)
Wyvern Forge (Kohlingen: Tritemple Discrict)
Armour MerchantWyvern Forge (Kohlingen: Tritemple Discrict)
East Coast: Sandy Beach Cliffs
BakerOkappa Ottama's (Cordor: East)
The Hin Inn (Bendir Dale)
BeggarCordor: West
Big Game HunterMylock Hills: Pass of Despair
Book MerchantLibrary (Cordor: East)
Library (Winya Ravana)
Undercroft (Tarkuul)
BowyerKohlingen: Tritemple Discrict
BrewerThe Rusty Hoe Tap House (Cordor: North)
Building Materials MerchantSkull Crags: Guldorand
BurglarPinkies Pawn (Cordor: West)
ButcherCordor: North
CandlemakerCityhall (Cordor: East)
CarpenterCityhall (Cordor: East)
Skull Crags: Guldorand
CookHut (Amia Forest: Oakmist Vale)
Kampo's Trading Post (B.H.: Silent Bay)
CourierEast Coast: Sandy Beach Cliffs
DiplomatNexus Hills: The Falls
Dairy FarmerCordor: North
Drill MasterBendir Dale
Drinks MerchantThe Rusty Hoe Tap House (Cordor: North)
Kohlingen: Greengarden District
Kampo's Trading Post (B.H.: Silent Bay)
EngineerThe Clockworks (Warftown)
ExorcistKohlingen: Greengarden District
ExplorerLowland Swamps: Delta
FletcherKohlingen: Tritemple Discrict
Food MerchantKohlingen: Greengarden District
Kampo's Trading Post (B.H.: Silent Bay)
Gem CutterCityhall (Cordor: East)
The Clockworks (Warftown)
Kampo's Trading Post (B.H.: Silent Bay)
Gem MerchantKampo's Trading Post (B.H.: Silent Bay)
GeologistHut (Skull Crags: The Winding Road)
GoldsmithKampo's Trading Post (B.H.: Silent Bay)
Herb MerchantCordor: North
Benwick Hollow: Salandran Temple
HerbalistBasement (Warftown)
Hut (Amia Forest)
Job trainerLocation
Hired KillerThe Ghostly Kraken (Tarkuul: Court of the Living)
HistorianUndercroft (Tarkuul)
Ingredients MerchantBendir Dale
LeatherworkerCityhall (Cordor: East)
LinguistLibrary (Cordor: East)
Market GardenerCordor: North
MasseurBaths (Kohlingen: Tritemple Discrict)
Kampo's Trading Post (B.H.: Silent Bay)
Melee Weapons MerchantKohlingen: Tritemple Discrict
Wyvern Forge (Kohlingen: Tritemple Discrict)
Metal MerchantWyvern Forge (Kohlingen: Tritemple Discrict)
Mylock Hills
MillerClassroom (Bendir Dale)
MinerMylock Hills
MinstrelCordor: Festival Grounds
Amia Forest: Oakmist Vale
OrcharderBendir Dale
PainterBenwick Hollow: Silent Bay
Katarinia's Arts School (The Triumfir: Courtyard)
PerformerCordor: Festival Grounds
Pig FarmerKohlingen: Feylake District
Poultry FarmerBendir Dale
PreacherChapel of Lathander (Cordor: East)
ProspectorSkull Crags: Guldorand
Mylock Hills
PhysicianRecovery Wing (B.H.: Salandran Temple)
RefinerThe Clockworks (Warftown)
Wyvern Forge (Kohlingen: Tritemple Discrict)
SawyerSkull Crags: Guldorand
ShepherdNexus Hills: The Falls
Stolen Goods MerchantPinkis Pawn (Cordor: West)
StonemasonSkull Crags: Guldorand
TailorCityhall (Cordor: East)
Cordor: West Coast
TemplarKohlingen: Dragonshore Keep
Textile MerchantCordor: West Coast
Kampo's Trading Post (B.H.: Silent Bay)
TheologerKohlingen: Tritemple District
ThiefCordor: West Coast
TowncrierCordor: East
Undead HunterBenwick Hollow: Northern Graveyard
WeaponsmithThe Clockworks (Warftown)
Wyvern Forge (Kohlingen: Tritemple Discrict)
WeaverCityhall (Cordor: East)
Cordor: West Coast
WitchhunterLowland Swamps South

(If any of the trainers have been moved, or you know of any other trainers not listed above, let me know.)

Did you knew..

- you could boost the strength of undead summons by casting Negative Energy Burst on them? (Works only a short amount of time.)
- summons are not allowed in the cities?
- you can always rest in the Arena in Cordor?
- respawning in the Arena is without costs?
- you're not allowed to wear a helmet within the city walls of Bendir Dale and Kohlingen?
- there's a cave in the Amia Frontier: Bramble Woods with friendly goblins?
- you can get rid of black (bugged) areas. Add the player tools to your radiant list by typing "/s f_playertools" in the shout channel. There's an option to get rid of black areas.
- you're not allowed to play a child?
- you can have max +12 on an ability from gear + spell effects and max +50 on a skill?
- all armor AC + Max Dex bonus is always a total of 9AC on Amia? For example: Now Half plate is 7AC + 2 Max Dex bonus = 9AC.
- Delilah on the streets of Cordor: West sells items for rogues?
- The tanner in Warftown buys swampgator skins?
- DM's can see Party chat but can't see Tell chat?
- You can shortcut spoken text by adding /tk in the shortcut bar. (For example /tk I found a trap!)
- You can not level up when polymorphed.
- You can not use healing kits when polymorphed. (Use potions instead.)
- You can not counterspell a hasted enemy when youre not hasted yourself.
- Amia has two new familiars: the skeleton and the phase spider. You can choose them once you're lvl 2. (Theyre at the bottom of the list.)


This FAQ was written by Emiel Ament (MrMile ingame and Miles83 on the forums). I thank everyone helping me write this FAQ. (Both on the forums as in game.)

If you got any questions or idea's don't hesitate to mail me.

Version Changes
- Added cultists to the map and lvling table
- Some minor changes

- Added Quests
- Updated Skills and Feats

- Added Race
- Added Resting
- Updated Map
- Updated Class

- Added Crafting
- Added Deity
- Added Did you knew..
- Updated Jobs
- Updated Map